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Test: Lumia 520.

Planet Sans Fil: Après avoir testé le Nokia Lumia 920 et Nokia Lumia 720 nous avons décidez de nous pencher sur l'entrée de gamme Lumia de chez Nokia à savoir le Nokia Lumia 520. Suivez-nous pour en savoir plus sur ce « petit » Lumia.

Microsoft doubles down on affordable smartphones

USA TODAY: The new Lumias follow up on last year's Nokia Lumia 635 and 2013's Nokia Lumia 520, two of the most popular Windows Phone 8 devices. Similar to those Lumias, the new phones are targeted towards the low-to-mid budget consumer, with an off-contract ...

InPlay from

InPlay from

Hands-on: Lumia 640 ought to be enough for anybody

A well-rounded smartphone experience for less than $250. Why pay more?

Hands on: Lumia 640 ought to be enough for anybody

A well-rounded smartphone experience for less than $250. Why pay more?

Windows Phone's biggest problem isn't apps

My colleague Brian Fagioli was right to reject Microsoft’s laughable claim that Windows Phone is experiencing 'impressive growth', and to also brand the tiled mobile OS as a failure. Android and iOS completely dominate the mobile space, and Microsoft -- which owns the desktop -- is nothing but a bit player. If you ask anyone why Microsoft has failed to succeed they will probably say "apps". The ...

Cherry Mobile Joins Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona To Showcase New Windows Phone 8.1 Handsets

Every year since 1987, the most prominent global players in the telecommunications industry gather at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil their latest products and to introduce their freshest innovations to consumers. Within the past five years, many of the world's best-selling and most iconic smartphones - including Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia 520, HTC One M7, Sony Xperia Z, and ...

Microsoft Lumia Denim: Latest update status in Europe, US, India and more

United Kingdom: Lumia 520 (country variant, EE, O2, Vodafone), Lumia 530 (country variant, O2, Tesco Mobile), Lumia 535 (country variant), Lumia 620 (country variant, O2, Vodafone), Lumia 625 (country variant, EE, O2, Vodafone), Lumia 630 (country ...



Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 520

bonsoir récemment j'ai remplacer ma vitre tactile du nokia lumia 520 étant cassé et le tactile était HS du coup j'ai commander une vitre pour la réparer jusque la tout va bien mais c'est que mon cousin l'a réparer (il est expert) mais le tactile ne ...

Nokia Lumia 520 Gets New Features with Latest Update for Users in India

JBG News: Nokia Lumia 520 users in India were treated to the latest firmware from Microsoft last week as Lumia Denim was rolled out. As reported by Windows Central, the firmware was codenamed “Debian Red” before release and is most notable for updating multiple ...

Nokia Lumia 520 Now Available for $29 via eBay

JBG News: The Nokia Lumia 520, one of the more popular models among Windows Phone devices, can now be had for the ridiculously low price of $29 via the online retailer eBay. The discount translates into a whopping 70% off of the device's original price of $99.99. </font>

Windows 10 Mobile TP hacked onto the Nokia Lumia 520 (video

It turns out that the XDA-Developers hack works as well on this handset as on the others, as demonstrated by this video by Hans Villegas, meaning if you have a disposable Lumia 520 you may be able to try running the new ...

Microsoft selling Nokia Lumia 520 on eBay for $29 - Phone Arena

The most popular Windows Phone in history, the Nokia Lumia 520 , is about to become even more popular. The entry-level handset is now available on eBay from Microsoft for only $29. That is a 70% discount from the list ...


Video: Windows 10 Mobile demoed on Lumia 520 Moreover installing Windows 10 on official devices can be a bit tricky as it is still under development and needs finishing touches. Due to the following limitations, we decide to pick our beat up Lumia 520 and use the hack to install Windows 10 for ...

Microsoft Confirms "Issues" Preventing Release of Windows 10 for Many Lumias

Some Windows Phone users are upset that Microsoft didn't communicate better what models would receive the preview in February


Soucis avec Windows Phone Recovery Tools

Je crée ce sujet car je suis dans la mouise avec mon Lumia 520, j'ai voulu réinstaller le système car j'avais de nombreux petits soucis dans l'utilisation du téléphone (style capteur de luminosité qui bueuge beaucoup et qui m'empêche de raccrocher à la ...

Here's a look at the state of the Windows Phone platform as of February 2015

WinBeta: Nokia-branded Lumia devices take the largest piece of the pie but for the first time, the Microsoft-branded Lumia 535 enters the list of the top 10 Windows Phone devices. The wallet-friendly Lumia 520 still leads as the most popular Windows Phone ...

Report: Windows 10 for phones will debut on Lumia flagships, including the 1020

Windows 10 for phones will reportedly be available on several popular smartphones--including the iconic Lumia 1020. However, don't expect the first build of Windows 10 for phones to have the same sort of spit and polish as Windows 10 for desktops, according to Windows Central, which reported the story using both its own sources as well as tweets from Jesse Leskinen ...


MWC 2015: Top 5 mobile tech trends to expect from Barcelona's smartphone After officially acquiring Nokia's phone division last year, Microsoft is back at Mobile World Congress with an official event on March 2 where it is rumoured to be launching two new Lumia smartphones. Despite the excellent hardware division bought ...

Problème de stockage sur mon Lumia 530

Mon téléphone doit effectuer une "mise à jour critique" mais pour cela il lui faut 733Mo environ sur le téléphone. Or il contient 3,5Go de mémoire et les fichiers système, que je ne peux pas supprimer, occupent 3Go... J'aimerais donc savoir s'il était ...

The Microsoft Lumia 535 reviewed

TechCentral: When Nokia (now part of Microsoft) launched the Lumia 520 entry-level smartphone back in 2013, we said the company had a real winner on its hands. The 520, we said, was an “extremely capable device at a great price”. It seems the market agreed, with ...

Lumia Denim list grows, adding T-Mobile's 925, and various India models (820

WinBeta: Microsoft started out with it's international best seller, the Lumia 520 earlier in the month. Eventually the firmware update saw it's way to other models including, the Lumia 525, 620, 720, and as of two days ago, the monster shooter, the Lumia 1020 ...

The most popular Lumia phones won't get all of Windows 10's features

Owners of recent Lumia smartphones that have just 512MB of memory might not get a full-featured, smartphone version of Windows 10. Microsoft is working on Windows 10 for smartphones with limited memory, including the popular Lumia 520, the company's Joe Belfiore said on Twitter on Sunday.

Microsoft Testing Windows 10 for 512MB RAM Smartphones

Microsoft is planning on making Windows 10 its uniform platform across all form factors and will be hoping to get the OS onto as many smartphones as possible. One question raised early was how would Windows 10 work on the company's large amount of entry level handsets, those packing 512MB of RAM? Read the full story here.

Windows 10 Preview to reach only subset of phones at launch

Many phones won't make the initial cut for the early version of Windows 10, and some won't get all the features.


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