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Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520 – Comparison Review

The Fuse Joplin: The Lumia 520 Windows Phone caters the user with friendly and fluid smartphone experience. However, the Lumia 520 is overshadowed by the Lumia 620 Windows Phone. The Lumia 520 comes at a low price and comprises of impressive features and ...

Windows Phone Outlook July 2014: Microsoft Gains With Windows Phone 8.1

Among countries, Microsoft's Lumia 520 and 521 continue to sell like hot cakes in the United States. Lumia 520 is dominating in countries such as India (home to a comparatively large database of Windows Phone devices), Germany, Argentina, France and ...

Windows Phone Outlook July 2014: Microsoft Gains With Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia 520, Loses out on Windows Phone 8

According to the latest statistics, Microsoft now makes operational nearly 95% of the Windows Phone 8 devices throughout the world, with the company's Windows Phone 8.1 steadily climbing up the charts during July 2014. These statistics, made public by Adduplex ( a Windows-based cross-promotion network for applications), indicate that Microsoft is making progress in terms of market share ...

Lumia 720 Successor to be Launched in August: 'Lumia 730' Likely to Feature Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and Cortana

After launching the successor to the Lumia 520 that holds the distinction of being the most popular Windows Phone, Microsoft is now all set to release the successor to the Lumia 720. The Lumia 720's successor is speculated to be 'not ordinary,' According to a report in Nokia Power User, the smartphone succeeding Lumia 720 will run Microsoft's hotly talked about Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 ...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs HTC One Mini vs Nokia Lumia 520: A Deeper

StreetWise Tech: What happens when you compare the HTC One Mini, the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Galaxy S4 Mini? You will have an ultimate battle of the powerful mini smartphones! Though these phones are considered as minis, one would be a fool if you would ...

Review - Nokia Lumia 520 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Phone overview

StreetWise Tech: Is the Nokia Lumia 520 better then the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or are they both the same smart device, today we go over some basic features such as the battery life, prices, camera, display and processing power. There have been lots of talks about the ...

Rumored Lumia 730, codename Superman, could take super selfies

A new Lumia smartphone, complete with Windows Phone 8.1 installed, is being rumored for release over the coming months. It's codename Superman, and it may have an extra special front camera for super selfies. The post Rumored Lumia 730, codename Superman, could take super selfies appeared first on Digital Trends .

Nokia Lumia 520 vs Galaxy S4 Mini: Which is Worth a Second Glance?

StreetWise Tech: It somehow made a compromise by making the S4 Mini. Nokia, on the other hand, seems to have made the mark with the ultra-low-end Windows Phones with the Lumia 520. Coming in a variety of vivid and attractive colors, it targets that particular sweet ...


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Microsoft unsheathes cheap Android-killer: Behold, the Lumia 530

Register: Microsoft's ex-Nokia phones unit has produced the successor to the Lumia 520, its best-selling Windows Phone by miles, topping the charts in the UK's Crimbo sales. The Lumia 530 is priced at €85 (£67) before taxes or subsidies, or an initial street ...

T-Mobile confirms plans for Lumia 530 release later this year

The Lumia 530 , Microsoft's new budget Windows Phone 8.1 handset, was announced today and it's already making the release date rounds. T-Mobile posted a new release stating that the successor to the Lumia 521 (aka the Lumia 520 elsewhere in the world) is coming to US shores later this year. This is the vaguest release time frame they could go with, but the low-end handset should sell for about ...


Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Review

Hardware Secrets: The Nokia Lumia 520 is a smartphone with a 4.0 inch touchscreen that runs the Windows Phone 8 operating system, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.0 GHz dual-core processor. It has 512 MiB of RAM and 8 GiB storage space, a 5 MP main ...

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 520 The Nokia Lumia 520 was and is a tremendously popular Windows Phone handset. In fact according to a study from late last year it was the most popular Windows Phone handset of all time and it likely still is thanks to combining impressive performance ...

Nokia Lumia 520 - Trending Smartphone in the Market

StreetWise Tech: Nokia has totally engaged into the world of smartphones. They have come up with prestigious mobile phones that has been loved by the public. It is to be highly noted that Nokia Lumia 520 received very good positive reviews from nook and corner of the ...

Which is better: Sony Xperia E1 or Nokia Lumia 520?

StreetWise Tech: Considering a cheap smartphone that doesn't have a powerful hardware, or an advanced camera, then choose between Sony Xperia E1 and Nokia Lumia 520. They have been considered as a top bargain, yet never lets you down. However, you must not ...

Head to Head: Nokia Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 520 | Tech Trends

The Nokia Lumia 530 is a recently launched entry-level Windows 8.1 Smartphone. Check out how the Lumia 530 performs when pitted against the Lumia 520 .

Best Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone price deals July 2014

price-deal-july-nokia- lumia - 520 The Nokia Lumia 520 is the best-selling budget smartphone in the Lumia family and a smaller companion to the Lumia 630. While it is the cheapest way to experience the world's greatest OS, ...

Nokia Lumia 520 gets WP8.1/Cyan on Orange France | WMPoweruser

Nokia Lumia 520 gets WP8.1/Cyan on Orange France. July 21, 2014 Surur Leave a comment. Great news for all Nokia Lumia 520 owners is that Orange France has now started rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1 update to their 520 owners.

LUMIA 520 IS..

Review: HTC One Mini vs Lumia 520: Budget vs Specifications, Battery life

StreetWise Tech: The HTC One Mini versus the Lumia 520 is basically a simple comparison since this HTC One Mini is a high-end phone while the Lumia 520 is typically a budget phone, but bear in mind that this is not an easy one – there are also specifications from the ...

Nokia Lumia 530 vs 520: The 530 ships with Windows Phone 8.1

TrustedReviews: The most obvious difference between these two phones is that the Nokia Lumia 530 ships with Windows Phone 8.1, while the Lumia 520 is still waiting for its upgrade from Windows Phone 8. It is coming, but when? Nokia has said we'll get the Lumia 520 ...

LUMIA 530..

Lumia 530 vs. Lumia 520 Vs. Lumia 525 vs. Lumia 620 vs. Lumia 630 vs. Moto E

Techivian: Microsoft has just revealed the Lumia 530 and while its the successor to the best selling Lumia 520, we don't exactly think that ways. Both the Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 have been a step backwards rather than taking Windows Phone and the Lumia series to ...

Nokia Announces New Low Cost Lumia 530

AnandTech: But Nokia is hoping to target buyers at even lower price points with the new Lumia 530 which positions itself to take on other Android devices at the $100-150 segment of the market. At least in its name it is a successor to Nokia's Lumia 520 which was ...

Microsoft Rolls Out Budget Lumia 530 to Replace Hugely Successful Lumia 520

DailyTech: The Lumia 520 has been the most successful Windows Phone device to date, and Microsoft is looking to continue those efforts with the 530. With Microsoft's somewhat odd Android-based X/X2 smartphones all but dead, the Lumia 530 will help the company ...

Lumia 530 vs Nokia Lumia 520: the budget Windows Phone battle

TechRadar UK: We were really impressed by the Nokia Lumia 520, but it's time for an update – and it looks like the all-new Lumia 530 offers even more for less. The budget end of the market has grown increasingly fierce in recent months as decent Android smartphones ...

Microsoft Mobile launch Lumia 530, a budget friendly Windows Phone 8.1 device

Microsoft Mobile just introduced the Lumia 530 July 24. This is the first phone launched by the company […]

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Microsoft Mobile just introduced the Lumia 530 July 24. This is the first phone launched by the company after Nokia was acquired by Microsoft and became known as Microsoft Mobile.

Microsoft announces the low-cost Nokia Lumia 530

After it was first tipped in early March by Evleaks, Microsoft-owned Nokia announced the Lumia 530 on Wednesday. The budget-grade 3G smartphone is a follow-up to the Lumia 520 and 525 and the first Lumia launch since Microsoft finalized its Nokia acquisition in late April. The Lumia 630 and 635 were announced just weeks before the deal officially closed during Build 2014 . To read this article ...


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